Naxos, the largest and most underrated island in the Aegean, has more natural and historical sights to offer than any other island in the archipelago. Its sheer size means you get it all: Mountains, valleys, golden beaches, remote ruins, green gorges, ancient monuments and Venetian castle ruins.

The contrary to the popular stereotype of a Greek island, the island is quite lush and fertile and most Naxosians are involved in agriculture. And contrary to the popularity of… Potatoes, which are the first thing that comes to mind (Greeks) when you hear “Naxos,” the island is full of citrus groves with a special, strange-looking fruit that looks like an oversized lemon called a citron, which is surprisingly not that sour. Olive trees are predominant here (of course), but there is also a large amount of pomegranates and figs, on which the economy of entire villages is based.

Naxos was the capital of the archipelago’s duchy, and the 400 years of Venetian rule are evident from the moment you step off the ferry. The Venetians were largely responsible for the construction of the castle on the hill known as Kastro, one of the largest and best preserved castle quarters in the Cyclades – a trip back in time for any travelers.

At the heart of Naxos is a summery accord of oakmoss, hyacinth and grapefruit that almost immediately gives a clean and airy impression that you can’t resist sniffing over and over again to soak up as much sunlight as possible. The top notes of grapefruit are accented by sunny pomelo, a scent reminiscent of the lemon liqueur I was served every time I ate at a restaurant on the island, while the heart notes are paired with bright notes of melon and sweet fig. Finally, we further deepened the base note with a touch of vetiver to balance the “wetness” of the aroma and give it a bit more “earthiness”.

We hope you enjoy our high quality Naxos candle and are curious what you think of it.