(AN-OMNIA) noun

Anomnia defines a unique lifestyle a neccessity a choice of luxury.

The term Anomnia was born in 2021 in Switzerland. Anomnia is a lifestyle brand that has a goal: to bring you closer to a luxurious way of life. Everything you own should be unique.

Anomnia’s unique scents will transform your house into a home and a stressful life into a dream. It has the power to change and uplift your mood while fulfilling your home with fragrance – the perfect backdrop to set it in a “vibe”.

Our luxurious setter of good moods is more than just flames. They are the ultimate accessory. The luxurious choice for an Anomnius.

Anomnia represents the idea of uniqueness and quality and offers you a wide range of candles. Each candle is handcrafted from start to finish, blended, and fulfilled with stunning essential oils. Each product tells a story while taking you on a journey and adding a sense of luxury to your home.

“Anomnia vincit omnia”
(Exclusivity conquers all)

“The set of fates” Duftkerzen Geschenkset 2