Never in the history of mankind has a mountain been as famous and well-known as the mighty stone fortress in central Greece. We are talking, of course, about Mount Olympus, the seat of the ancient Greek pantheon, home to countless myths and legends.

With a height of almost 3 km, the mountain seems to emerge directly from the Aegean Sea on the border between Thessaly and Macedonia. Its highest peak Mytikas next to the magnificent Stefani Ridge, where Zeus is said to have built his palace, is surrounded by 52 peaks, deep gorges and an extraordinary biodiversity. With over 1700 species of plants, more than 20 of which are endemic, Mount Olympus is considered by many as a botanical paradise.

Why Olympus?

From the moment we conceived the Premium Collection , we knew we wanted to name a candle fragrance after this mountain. And we knew exactly what we wanted it to smell like.

Olympus is one of those somewhat biased candle scents that we made towards slightly masculine, mainly because of the prominent cedar base. Our initial thought was something sharp, edgy and grandiose, but we would have missed so much there. So we rounded out the base with sweet oud and a touch of sandalwood to create a soft but subtle cushion for a blend of lavender, verbena and oakmoss to settle into.

The first notes that rise to the nose are green with hints of bergamot, but soon you will notice the outstanding pine and jasmine before the heart of the fragrance is revealed to you. The result is an invigorating and uplifting woody-green candle scent with an herbaceous core that we think captures all the seasons and colors of this fascinating mountain.