You may wonder why we chose this name for a candle. What is it about this outrageous place, you may ask. Well, it is this. The city of Argos, from which the region takes its name, is probably the longest continuously inhabited city in Greece and has a truly legendary background.

Argolis was the seat of power of the Mycenaean kingdom that dominated Greece in the late Bronze Age, and it is the first advanced civilization on the European mainland, around whose power and influence great myths are entwined, contained in the Homeric epic Iliad.

At first we wanted to name the candle Mycenae, but that would only refer to the famous archaeological site near Argos, so we decided on Argolis to represent the whole region. Finally, our idea was to create a delicate citrus aroma, and the name came naturally, since Argolis is associated with the word “orange” in the minds of all Greeks.

Inspired by the vast orange groves of the Argolis plain, we created this joyful citrus fragrance that opens with lively notes of bergamot and then evolves into a classic citrus accord of orange, mandarin, lavender and patchouli. We’ve incorporated hints of neroli and verbena to further enhance the floral character of the scent, and added just a touch of cedarwood and rosemary to leave a lasting herbal impression.

Sounds a bit “perfumed” and it really is. And we are very proud of it. If we wanted to go for orange-orange, we could. But the scent is used so often in soaps, detergents and everything else that we couldn’t help but twist and tame it to make it more distinct and sophisticated for a luxurious candle line. We hope you like it too.