Scents have the power to awaken the human memory faster than any other stimulus. Both manufacturers of scented candles and buyers are looking for those candle scents that drive away bad thoughts and replace them with beautiful thoughts and memories, images of peace and euphoria.

Undoubtedly, the scent is the most important factor when buying a candle, as it determines the general mood with which we want to “paint” a room. Whether it is a feeling of rejuvenation and tranquility or an essence of romance and sensuality, there are thousands of candle scents to choose from.

The vice president of one of the world’s leading fragrance raw materials companies, Alpha Aromatics, and the vice president of the American Society of Perfumers, Roger Howell, compiled the data for us to find out which candle fragrances are most preferred by consumers around the world, and to make our lives as manufacturers easier. Therefore, we present them to you in order of popularity:

  1. orange candle scents

It is no surprise that the number 1 candle scent in the whole world is none other than the bright, cool, cheerful and refreshing scent of orange! It instantly adds an amazing note of freshness to the room and is a natural remedy for unpleasant odors. Besides, it goes with almost everything and you can find it almost everywhere. In floral accords, in woody compositions, in oriental-like scents…. a real fragrance pastiche.

For us, orange is the dominant fragrance: Argolis

  1. vetiveria candle scents

Vetiveria is a tough grass with long, thin leaves and, as an herb, has calming and antiseptic properties. You may not know it, but almost half of all women’s fragrances (and some men’s fragrances) have this earthy, warm, calm and relaxing scent as their base. Another aromatic pastel shade (this time “base”), it can be found in cool, soapy compositions that smell clean to luxurious and sophisticated fragrances, depending on the composition.

The enchanting aroma of vetiveria can be found in: Naxos and Ydor


  1. vanilla candle scents

Undoubtedly one of the fragrances that you instantly recognize and know. Sweet, sensual vanilla is one of the most irresistible candle scents that immediately triggers a feeling of comfort, warmth and an inexplicable need for intimacy. Another pastel scent that you can never get tired of smelling, no matter how many times you’ve used it for almost every application!

The enchanting aroma of vanilla can be found in: Kalon and Aether

  1. sandalwood candle scents

Another warm, earthy fragrance that is bursting with mystery and sensuality. Sandalwood comes from the depths of Central Asia and India and is one of the most precious essential oils on the market. It blends perfectly with citrus scents, creating a perfect aromatic symmetry between warmth and brilliance, but also with a variety of florals that enhance the appeal and oriental feel of this unique fragrance.

Sandalwood fragrance in Anomnia can be found at: Ge

  1. jasmine candle scents

If rose is the king of light floral fragrances, then jasmine is the queen of heavy floral fragrances. No floral fragrance can match the intensity, duration and impact of a single precious drop of jasmine essential oil. Intense, passionate, seductive and almost aphrodisiac, it is no coincidence that jasmine is at the top of the list of preferred scents for candles among consumers.

A unique composition with jasmine that you will love is our Sophrosyne


Before we close, we should mention a few more popular candle scents based on our own experience and sales. These are deeply soothing lavender, rustic basil, fiery cinnamon, dynamic and masculine cedar, cool and playful peach and mystical incense.

What are your favorite wax scents?