Lachesis was the second oldest of the Three Fates (Moirai) in Greek mythology. She was the daughter of Zeus and Themis. The name Lachesis derives from the verb meaning “to obtain by fate, lot, or divine will”. She had the task of measuring the thread of life that was spun on the spindle Clotho held. She was responsible for deciding how much life each living being on Earth had. Being the decider of a person’s destiny, our fragrance will inspire you and play with your senses. So sit back, take a deep breath and let Lachesis fill you with zest and confidence.

“This is the word of Lachesis, the maiden daughter of Ananke (Necessity), souls that live for a day, now is the beginning of another cycle of a mortal generation where birth is the beacon of death.”

(Plato, Republic 617c)


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The frangrance opens with lively notes of saffron and amber, accented with notes of lily and wood and resting on a lush base of pepper and sandalwood, which result in a truly oriental fragrance that will turn your room into a sedative and at the same time intense space, strong enough to infuse any room with a sense of mystery and vivacious vibe.