Atropos travel candle

Atropos was one of the three Moirai in Greek mythology, goddesses who decided the fate of all people on earth. Atropos and her sisters Clotho and Lachesis were considered daughters of Zeus and Themis, the goddess of divine law.

Atropos is the eldest sister and the thread cutter who ends life. She was the one who decided how each person would die and held a pair of scissors with which she cut the thread of life. Our Atropos symbolizes the impermanent nature of life. The result is a very spicy, citrusy, and warm fragrance that invites you to relax and calms your senses.

“Comes the blind wrath with the hated scissors, / And cuts the thinly spun life.”

(John Milton, Lycida, 1. 75)


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The fragrance opens with notes of mugwort and lavandin, heart notes tonka bean and rests on a lush base of cedarwood and patchouli, giving a woody and amber scent. An earthy, raw and masculine combination, with a touch of herbs that represents the cycle of life.